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We produce media that gives voice to the lesser-explored oddities and fantastical fantasies that swirl around in our brains.
We fill needs in our community and world that make them better.
And we can't wait to show you something new, cool, and probably delightfully weird. It's what we do.

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Cover art for Frum Girl Adventures--the first video game by and about Jewish women

Written and performed by Melanie EhrlichA young woman reconnects with her Jewish identity in Korea and returns to the US to find a partner and build a Jewish family. A decade later, she finds herself with neither—and pulled between religious and secular worlds that both don’t have a place for her. What is she doing wrong…and can she fix it before she runs out of time for both for good?

Press / Reviews

"Touching, inspiring, and irreverently funny" -**One "of the more intriguing and befuddling Fringe 2023 titles" - Larchmont BuzzEFC on TheatreMania | EFC on DoLA

Audience reviews

"What a wonderful, heartfelt journey!""I loved how honest and revealing and vulnerable Melanie allowed herself to be in front of us. She takes us on a unique journey I’ve never seen before.""The show was amazing!!! It makes you feel all the feels! Melanie’s performance is compelling, hysterical, touching, thought provoking, magnetic, and just gosh darn awesome. Highly recommended!""Talk about commanding a stage, Melanie was everything in this show.""Engaging, full of heart, and even educational, Melanie’s passion for this story shines through, and it’s worth a look for that passion alone.""Melanie used mixed media, audio visual components, musical instruments and singing. (She has a great voice.) The most impressive and humbling aspect was the personal story and the way she shared herself with the audience.""Real and raw, funny with a tad of raunch.""This story is a retrospection on culture and inheritance in its most honest form.""Melanie wasn’t lying about her musical passion, the tunes in this one are great.""A lovely autobiograpical story about one woman’s relationship with Judaism, acting, and herself."Read more: Hollywood Fringe Festival audience reviews (link)

Melodity Collective

The community behind all of our work is the Melodity Collective, a creative incubator and community of people from all backgrounds working to fill gaps and needs in our community not addressed by more traditional means. Some of our initiatives include:

NoHo Community Shabbat
"More than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews."
In 2022, Melodity founder Melanie Ehrlich started the NoHo Community Shabbat series, a free monthly outdoor community Shabbat dinner for local Jewish folks of all backgrounds to meet, eat, relax, and unplug from the demands of the rest of the week. With work not permitted on Shabbat, it's an opportunity to connect with each other not as "contacts" but genuinely on a personal level. All are welcome whether Jewish, Jew-"ish", or Jewcurious.
Visit the NoHo Community Shabbat site to learn more.

Community Resource List
A free, public resource list to help creative folks of all stripes--from free and low-cost opportunities for creative and performing arts training to help and resources for groceries, health care, entertainment, and more.
Coming soon

Cover art for Frum Girl Adventures--the first video game by and about Jewish women

Let's make cool things.

"I wanna thank you for putting together this whole team and pitch and really doing the work to make this fly. I'm just so grateful to be working with you!!!"
-Meira Batya Goodfriend, creator and artist of Frum Girl Adventures

We love and specialize in directing, casting, writing, project management, sound design, and post-production, with areas of specialty including film, TV, animation, interactive/video games, podcasts/audio plays, and live theatre.We help both productions and individuals achieve their creative goals, including production strategy, career consultations, workshops, speaking engagements, and lectures for creative personal and professional training.Contact us to see how we can help, and sign up for our mailing list below to hear about our upcoming workshops and events. We can't wait to work with you.

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